Corner Store Candy Co. Story

Kelly has always loved candy ever since she was a small child. Her first memory of candy was going to the corner store to buy a newspaper for her parents and getting to spend the change, of course she bought candy! As a teenager, Kelly worked at Giant Tiger and her favourite task was to stock the candy department. As an adult, Kelly is always on the look out wherever she goes for new and interesting candies she's never seen before. Any of Kelly's friends or family members can attest to the depth of her candy passion. 

Professionally, Kelly was in banking for almost 20 years doing every role from customer service, sales and branch manager. Over the years she has fine tuned her customer service skills and business knowledge. 

Finally ready to step out on her own and become an entrepreneur Kelly started to brainstorm how she could make her dream of owning her own candy store a reality. With the help and support of many friends and family - Corner Store Candy Co. was born. 

Kelly moved to Stratford in 1996, she has two teenage children, Claire and Jack who you will see in the shop from time to time when they are not busy with rugby, dance, friends and their part time jobs!